VIP’s Water Theme Park Coatings

October 22, 2022

Constructing a water theme park can be a challenging subject, especially when selecting the correct protection system for the concrete on the wave pool, lazy river or even the water play area. Selecting the wrong system would usually mean expensive repair costs, unplanned shutdowns for maintenance resulting in loss of revenue and the potential of injury exists to guests due to protruding sharp edges of damaged coatings.


Typically, tiles have been used on water theme parks beach areas. While tiles are easy to install, it doesn’t really offer any protection to the concrete slab over time due to the large number of joints involved. Tile grouts and adhesives are not very resistant to chlorine causing them to fall off. A traditional tiling contractor can install tiles on water theme park concrete slab, but it usually only comes with a 6 months to 1 year warranty. Ultimately, it’s not a question of whether the tiles will fall off, but rather when does it happen.

VIP’s Water Theme Park Coatings

Another option that has been implemented by water theme park owners is a combination of Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings. While these coatings can be installed relatively straight forward as well, they tend to wear of prematurely due to the presence of chlorine, direct exposure to ultra-violet rays as well as constant mechanical abrasion from the waves and human traffic. It is very common to have owners shut down their facilities to perform coating maintenance every 6 months to 1 year.


Some theme parks have even left concretes exposed for the pools, relying solely on admixtures and additives. Effects in the long run includes premature failures of the concrete slab due to cracks which will leave the re-bars exposed to corrosion.


Here at VIP Coatings, we have created a solution based on the problems water theme park owners faced with the introduction of the VIP LeisureLine System. The LeisureLine system is a spray on, liquid applied membrane, seamless single coat system that caters to new water theme park design. The LeisureLine system is a maintenance free system which requires only scheduled cleaning maintenance by water jetting.  While being aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, the LeisureLine system is a fully bonded system which offers a 100% protection to the concrete surface. With high elongations and crack bridging characteristics, the coating will be able to handle movements on the concrete and will never have sharp edges causing safety concerns. While most coating fades and discolor after a period of time, the LeisureLine system will remain colour fast while offering a watertight solution to the concrete slab. Architects and consultants have a choice of colour options for the design of water theme parks with this new technology.